The objective of club :

The objective of this club is to ensure an excellent training for members in all areas of the IT field, focusing on the development of technical and personal skills.

The objective of this Sheet: 

This sheet allows you to know the specific missions and tasks of each position in the office.

The missions and positions :

  • Team Leader : Mouin Bel hadj Mohamed
  • Co-Leader : Hamza Abdellaoui
  • sponsoring : Raed Lazreg , Maher Cherif
  • General Secretary : Islem Guesmi
  • Human Resources : Taha berguiga , Hayet Berriri
  • Marketing & comm : Firass Fourati , Oussama Allouche
  • Event Management : Ghofrane Gaddeh , Nawres Outay

Important Note:

Names and office positions may change from year to year depending on club membership and team leader vision. In addition, the transfer of the office next year would be to active members of the club.

Team Leader :

  • He checks the emails, sends and ensures that the necessary information and documents are sent within the deadlines.
  • Develops a strategic plan and an annual work plan consistent with the objectives and principles of the Club, with the Vice President.
  • Represents the core team in the internal life of the club and ensures the execution of its decisions.
  • Represents the club in events and acts of civil life as well as with the administration.
  • Convenes the general meeting.
  • Chairs all regular meetings. In case of absence, The Co-Leader takes action.
  • In case of unavailability, he can be replaced either by his Vice or by another member of the office, provided that he requests it in a traceable way and all the other members of the office are notified.
  • Ensures the proper management of club documents.
  • Oversees the archiving of club management documents in coordination with the General Secretary and Human Resources.
  • Sign partnership agreements.
  • Signs the certificates of activity or participation in club training, otherwise he can appoint another office manager to do it for him.
  • Provides to the next Team Leader (chosen by the whole office if he has not passed the tests) all the club documents he has had in his charge during his occupation of the position.

  Co-Leader :

  • Replaces the Team Leader, in case of impediments or at his request, in all his missions.
  • Participates in the implementation of the external communication policy with the President.
  • Validates, with the President and the Sponsorship Manager, the proposed partnerships.
  • Ensures the smooth running of the strategy.
  • Ensures discipline, respect and commitment of members in the club.
  • supervises continuously the assigned tasks.

Communication Manager :

  • Maintains contact with the trainers until the date of the event.
  • Responsible for promoting the activities carried out by the club on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • communicates with all members through social networks (Facebook page, Instagram page).
  • Having access to the member database.

General Secretary  :

  • Takes care of all administrative and legal operations of the club.
  • Holds under his responsibility, with the Team Leader, all the contacts of the members of the club and necessary information, as well as the administration and the educational adviser.
  • Plans and organizes, in coordination with the Team Leader, all meetings (of the office, with the members, the general assembly ….).
  • Responsible for the management of club meeting facilities.
  • Takes care, in coordination with the Logistics and Events Manager, of the premises intended for the activities.
  • Assists the Team Leader in archiving club management documents.
  • Ensures compliance with the meeting plan (the established agenda and the time allotted for each point).
  • During a meeting, the role of the Secretary General is to take notes to constitute the (PV). This report recalls the place and date of the meeting, the members present, absent and excused, the ideas discussed, the votes and the result, the decisions taken… This report must be sent after each meeting (3 days maximum ) to the club’s email  and will be part of the archive registry.
  • Takes care of the vote (see the internal regulations)

Human Resource Manager :

  • Represents the image of the club in internal life.
  • Takes care of the interviews of the members throughout the year: is responsible for the management of all the interview sheets, and discusses them with the President and the Vice President.
  • Helps the Secretary General with the archiving of club member files, since their database part of it.
  • Develops and manages, with the Vice President, all the administrative parts of the members.
  • Takes care of the general management of members and training participants.
  • Takes care, in coordination with the Logistics and Events Manager, of the human resources necessary for the activities.
  • Takes care of labor disputes that arise between office members or active members, as being Responsible for Internal Relations.
  • Having access to the members database

Marketing and Media Manager  :

    • Develops a marketing strategy for the club and club-related activities.
    • In charge of the audiovisual creation of the club:
    • creation of publications and stories and their descriptions (posters, video editing …)
    • photography during events
    • Responsible for promoting the activities carried out by the club on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
    • Maintains continuous contact with the Team Leader or Co-Leader in order to update it.

Sponsorship  Manager:

      • Represents the Bureau with the Vice President, in partnership negotiations.
      • Prepare databases of potential partners and sponsors.
      • Propose partnership suggestions to the Team Leader and the Co-Leader, and the Logistics and Events Manager in order to make decisions together before requesting partnerships with partners.
      • Responsible for financial administration of the club:
      • Develops a strategy to improve the financial condition of the club.
      • Oversees accounting.
      • Establishes budget studies to ensure that the financial operations of the program are compatible with the budget (these budget studies must be validated by the local assembly).
      • Collects invoices for all financial transactions.
      • Continually updates the board members on the financial status of the club.

Logistics and Event Manager:

      • Responsible for the organization of any activity within the club (event, training, etc.) with his assistants.
      • Responsible for supervising the teams and dividing them in coordination with human resources manager
      • Takes care, in coordination with the Secretary General, of the materials necessary for the activity.
      • Takes care, in coordination with the treasurer, of the budget necessary for the activity.
      • Takes on the role of President on the day of the event. That is to say, he takes responsibility for any action that takes place during event day.

Important Note:

 The preparation of  an event starts as soon as the office confirms the details of the activity until its end.